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Salt Delivery Service

If you’re looking for professionals who offer salt delivery services for your water softener system, you’re in luck. Regina Softener Services promises swift delivery, industry-grade softener salts, and affordability.

Make sure you have the water softener salt you need, and let our team do the heavy lifting. Call (306) 570-4499 now to request our salt delivery services.

Look to Regina Softener Services for Prompt Water Softener Salt Delivery

We take pride in offering a hassle-free solution to ensure your water softener operates at peak efficiency. Our convenient delivery service brings high-quality softener pellets directly to your system for an excellent price.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Our dedicated team takes care of all the heavy lifting, ensuring that the softener pellets are delivered right to your doorstep and brought down to your basement or other designated location without putting any strain on your body.

You won't have to worry about the logistics of transporting heavy bags of pellets either—we handle it all. Our commitment to a seamless customer experience extends from the moment you place your order until the hassle-free delivery of your salt pellets when you need them.

Why You Need New Water Softener Salt Pellets

Water softener salt pellets are a type of salt specifically designed for use in water softening systems. Our pellets are typically made from evaporated salt, solar salt, or rock salt.

The primary purpose of salt pellets is to maintain the effectiveness of your water softener. Water softener tanks contain a bed of resin beads with a negative charge to attract hard minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, out of the water and replace them with sodium or sometimes potassium from the brine solution. Without refilling the tank with salt pellets, the resin will lose its negative charge, and there will be no sodium to replace the minerals, leaving you with hard water that can upset your stomach and damage your hair or skin.

Salt Delivery for Optimal Water Softener Maintenance

Experts say your tank should always be one-quarter full of salt, and you should re-fill the tank after using 12,000 gallons of water.

When your tank’s salt content is too low, we can help you re-fill it. Our reliable, affordable, and timely delivery services save you from running out of softener pellets.

The Benefits of an Effective Water Softener

Keeping your water softener in working condition provides several benefits, and our salt delivery services ensure you receive each one.

Some of the most essential advantages you gain from keeping your water softener’s salt content high include:

  • Better-tasting water
  • Softer, healthier skin and hair
  • Reduced scale buildup
  • Longer lasting and more efficient appliances
  • Brighter and softer laundry

Request Our Softener
Salt Delivery Services Today

Relying on Regina Softener Services’s salt delivery services means you never have to wait long or pay too much to keep your water softener functioning smoothly. We arrive on time, bring the salt to wherever you need it, help you fill the tank, and make ourselves available to answer any questions you might have.

Call us at (306) 570-4499 to schedule your professional, affordable salt delivery.

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